SSRC Technologies is pleased to present the following concept designs by leading gas carrier designer HB Hunte Engineering.

Due to the large diameter to length ratio and unique SSRC support system, designing an SSRC carrier requires careful consideration already in the parametric design phase.

Please contact us to find out how the SSRC system can benefit your next carrier or storage project.

20,000 m3 Multigas Carrier
LPG, petchem and LNG all-in-one

The HB Hunte three tank 20K Multigas Carrier offers 20% more cargo capacity than the same length 17,000m3 bilobe Type C petchem carrier. It can transport LPG, ethylene and other petchems. Additionally, it can be configured for LNG. A truly flexible design, ready for the emerging mid-scale LNG market. The SSRC containment system has the best thermal performance of any mid-scale containment system and can reduce material weight by up to 50% compared to conventional Type A or C tanks. With a single design for all tanks, the costs of fabrication can be reduced by up to 30%.


LOA155.6 m
LBP147.4 m
Beam24.2 m
Depth14.8 m
Design Draft7.6 m
Speed16 kn
Consumption32 tpd on LNG
Range12,000 nm
Cargo Volume19,980 m3
Deadweight12,700 tons
PropulsionDual Fuel option
Main Engine6G45ME C9.5 III
MCRabt. 7,000 kW
DriveDirect FP
Aux. Power6L23/30 H
Auxiliaries3 x 850 kWe
Cargo Tanks3 x 6,660 m3
Design Pressure700 mbar g
Design Temp.– 1630 C
Max. Density580 kg/m3
BOG Rate0.16% per day
Discharge Rate2,000 m3/h
Pumps6 x Svanehoj
PSA Plant1 x 750 Nm3/h

40,000 m3 LNG Carrier

The four tank 40,000 m3 LNG carrier is a compact design with the best mid-scale thermal performance of any other containment system. It has a higher allowable vapor pressure than Type A systems and can be offered as an ethane or ethylene carrier.


LOA199.8 m
LBP189,6 m
Beam29.4 m
Depth16.6 m
Design Draft8.3 m
Speed17.5 knots
Consumption32 tpd on LNG
Range12,000 nm
Cargo Volume40,700 m3
Deadweight20,360 tons
PropulsionDual Fuel
Main EngineDF Slow Speed
MCR10,300 kW
DriveDirect FP
Aux. Power8L28/32H
Auxiliaries3 x 1680 kWe
Cargo Tanks4 x 10,300 m3
Design PressureType B/0.7 barg
Design Temp.– 1630 C
Max. Density480 kg/m3
BOG Rate0.16% per day
Discharge Rate4,000 m3/h
Reliq. Plant3 x 15 tpd

12,500 m3 FSU/FSRU

The single tank 12,500 m3 FSU/FSRU can be rapidly deployed to enable quick realization of green field terminal projects. Floating storage has been shown to significantly reduce permitting time and cost compared to shore-based storage projects. The units can be moored together in a number of configurations permitting capacities up to 50,000 m3.


LOA58.0 m
Beam28.6 m
Depth9.6 m
Design Draft5.8 m
Deadweight6,500 dwt
Cargo Tanks1 x 12,500 m3
Design Pressure700 mbar g
Design Temp.– 1630 C
Max. Density500 kg/m3
BOG Rate0.15% per day
Transfer Rate1,500 m3/h
Regas Rate120 mmSCFD
Four Unit Configuration
Capacity50,000 m3
Footprint120 x 60